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Termidor for Termite Defense

Termidor termiticide/insecticide has a number of flexible application options. Your pest control company will determine what type or Termidor treatment will work best for your particular situation. If there are no active termites in your home, Termidor will help ensure there won't be any in the future. This not only protects your peace of mind but adds value to your home as well.

Termidor is an advanced undetectable liquid technology. That means termites cannot see, smell, taste, or avoid it. Instead they contact, ingest and share, completely unaware that doing so inevitably will kill them. Termidor works quite differently from other teriticide soil treatment products which are repellents, in effect designed to repel or keep termites away from treated soil area, rather than killing them. This means any minute gap in the treated soil can be detected and exploited by the termites to gain entry in the building. This is a major short coming of the old-fashioned control methods, far too often, with financially disastrous consequences.

Termidor elminates Termites Several Ways

When termites eat Termidor-treated material, they will die. It doesn't stop there, it eliminates termites by contact as well. Since termites can't detect it's presence, termites can directly ingest and contact it as they go about their normal routines.

The Termidor "Transfer Effect"

Whenever a termite ingests or touches Termidor, it can become a "carrier", transferring it to other termites it contacts. These termites, in turn, can become secondary carriers, behaving normally while they transfer Termidor to other termites they contact - an so on within the colony. Because Termidor is slow-acting, it gives individual termites ample time to transfer it to others in the population. This unique, spiraling process is call the "Transfer Effect", and its devastating results maximize the protection of your structure.

Termidor Facts

  • It is the biggest selling teriticide in the USA
  • The U.S. Agriculture - Forestry Service, has tested Termidor for more than 8 years with a 100% success rate.
  • Results show 100% effective termite barrier protection.
  • Will not harm soil micro-organisms, earthworms or plants.

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