Ant Identification

Acrobat Ant (Crematogaster Spp.) Color: Light brown to dark brownish black Workers: One size with heart-shaped abdomen, 1/8 inch Nesting: Acrobat ants nest outdoors in soil, leaves or wood; indoors in building voids and insulation. They may be found in wood previously tunneled by termites or carpenter ants and in rigid foam insulation. Location: Throughout […]

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Illinois Termite Treatment Services

Post Construction: Post construction termite inspections, identification and quotes to treat the property, if needed, is a free service to existing homes and commercial businesses.   Pre-Construction Termite Treatments: Pre-construction termite treatments are a preventative termite control method and treatment is applied during the early construction phase of new buildings/homes.  (applied after foundations are poured […]

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General Illinois Pest Control Services

Services that meet your needs & expectations! Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annual or Annual: Regularly scheduled pest control services are offered depending on insect tolerance levels and specific insect problems being targeted.  Annual treatments are usually done in early Spring when insects are emerging.  Bi-Annual treatments are done early Spring and again in the Fall when […]

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Termite Control : Answers for Homeowners

  Subterranean termites are serious pests, whose control is best left to professionals. Termites and termite management services can be confusing, however, there are more options available today than ever before.  Some of the most common termite questions raised by homeowners are answered below.   Why worry about termites? Why are infestations often discovered during […]